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Are you a startup or a small business who need to leverage social media and content into your marketing strategy? We provide professional social media management in a very affordable price, starting from IDR1,400k or US$140 per month! Call Us!
Adkomu Social Media & Content Agency

We Are A Leading Social Media Agency

Social Media is an amazing tool. It lets people connect and communicate with each other within a few tap. It allows everyone to get in touch, talk and share photos or videos with each other. It's absolutely fun and powerful. Who doesn't have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram nowadays?

Social Media is also an incredible tool for business. Now since almost everyone is reachable through social media, why should you limit your business by ignoring the communication power of social media?

Let us know and let's discuss. We are here to help!

Adkomu Social Media & Content Agency

Free SEO Audit

Our SEO solution can improve your website, on-site and off-site to get it ranked on page one of the search engine.

Our Services

Agile Social Media Management

We manage your social media including creating and posting content, responding to comment and monitoring.

Content Creation & Copywriting

We create professional and representative content including text, images and videos to increase your social presence.

Video Content Production

We create video and motion graphics to increase your brand, social media and community engagement.

Influencer Engagement

We gathered influencers to help improve your website traffic and business online presence.

Social Media Advertising

We provide budget-friendly advertising placement to ensure your brand awareness in reaching business goals.

Social Media Report & Analytic

We gathered analytical data, evaluate information and analyse your social media performance.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We maintain your website on-site and off-site to make sure it appears on top of search engine results.

Email Campaign

We provide email campaign or email marketing solution to deliver your messages across target audiences.

Digital Ad Placement

We assist your business in digital ad placement across multiple channels that saves your time and money.

Web Design

We create custom and template based responsive website, build to meet your business needs.

Other Business Tools

We create professional business and marketing tools including logo, business card, company profile and many more.

Customer Support

We assist your customer and public audience to get appropriate information about your business and brand.

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