Why does your social media service so affordable?
Efficiency and effectiveness are the keys to our affordable service. We have managed to train our specialists in planning, scheduling and creating encouraging content beside elaborating common senses. Thus, one person can manage up to 5 accounts.
Who will be managing our social media accounts?
A well-trained content and social media specialist will work on your accounts including finding, writing, posting and sharing your contents. He will be monitoring your accounts as well as responding to any comments.
Where are your specialists located? Are they working remotely?
No. All of our specialists are located in-house to make the workflow fast, efficient and effective.
How do you know what to post for my business or brand?
Once we receive and close your order, our specialist will begin to learn your company information. We will also begin researching the industry related to your business, your competitors, and also your target audience.
Do you provide images for my social media posts?
Yes, free-royalty generic images will be provided for each social media post. You can also send us your own images or acquire professional photographer or videographer on your behalf. An additional fee will occur.
Can I still post my own content on my profile?
Absolutely! It's your business's profile in any way. So, you are free to post as you think necessary.
Do you create concept for our social media campaign?
Our Lite, Starter, SOHO and Business packages come as it is. The packages do not include developing campaign and unique concept. They are basically "Nice to have" social media packages. You can subscribe to our Enterprise Package to talk further regarding concept and campaign development.
Do you guarantee numbers of follower I can gain for my accounts?
We do not guarantee numbers of like and follower for your accounts. The affordable packages are basically created to build your social media presence, keeping your brand alive in the digital space while building communication with your audience. If you are looking for more followers or other necessary campaigns, you may need to subscribe to our Enterprise Package.
Wait! I still have more questions...
You can let us know by sending a WhatsApp message to +62 812 7189 1888, through our social media profiles or send us an email at hello [at] adkomu.com.