Adkomu Social Media & Content Agency

We create story, we talk with your audience, we build community. We are social people.

The social environment has changed. We are now living in a digital era where it's easier to connect and communicate with other people around the world.

Now, you'll ask why do your business need to be on social media?
  1. Almost everyone is in social media, including your customers
  2. People are talking about your company on social media
  3. People are looking for your company's information on social media
  4. People engages with your competitors on social media.

Don't you think those reasons are more than enough?

So, how do you leverage these networks into your brand and business?
  1. You need a team of experts, absolutely!
  2. You need a professional team
  3. You need a team that is easy-to-work-with
  4. You need an affordable social media agency.

Adkomu is a social media and content agency that understand how to connect, talk and engage with people on the social network. With vast experience in digital and internet industry for more than 18 years, we are one of the leading social media management company.

Our team includes long-time experts and players in digital industry such as designer, content creator, video producer, and media editor. We work around the world maintaining various public and private social media channels.

But why do our service packages and pricings so affordable?

During our long journey, we've found many companies, especially small businesses that don't have big marketing budget, which made them lost the opportunity. We'd like to help, by adjusting our resources to efficiently and effectively suit your needs.

So, grab your chances. Email us at hello [at] or much better, call us at +6281271891888. Let's grab a cup of coffee or tea and have a good talk.